APL-Analog Power Laser

APL State of the art of analog electronics

APL was established by staff of analog electronics
engineers having excellent and many years of
experience with analog development and production.

1)Switched and linear power supply (dc to dc,
isolation and nonisolation power supply,small power
 -battery supply,medium power (3 and 5 ampers),
high power(100w) and high voltages (6kv) switching
circuite in miniature space.

2)Laser receiver- high sensitive,high dynamic range
(PIN or APD detectors) various wavelength.
  Laser transmitter (driving laser,led up to 120a pulses) various wavelength.

3)Analog electronics-op amp,comparator,signal processing (log amp,accurate peak detector,decision circuite and more).


APL works with small-scale or large-scale companies
based on Israel or around the world.we anderstand your commertial needs and are well enable to work with your company to produce high quality,cost effective high reliable products that will stand the test of time.

APL's new high performance module is-EYE-SHADOW-
eyesafe high sensitive laser receiver.
this -44dbm @20nsec pulse can upgrade your system significantly.
APL can supply you this fine reliable laser
in short time and for quite honest price and best
quality and service.